Women and Water in Central Asia and South Asia

Women and water logo (2)The Central Asia/South Asia region continues to be one of great international, regional, local, and personal insecurity. Access to and management of water — one of the most crucial, life-sustaining resources — underlies security and development in the region. This project connects women in Central and South Asia to water and its management, and proposes a program of international exchange of knowledge and leadership to support innovative conflict resolution with a sustainable and multiplying effect. To this end, it brings together young female social entrepreneurs and activists from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, to discuss their experiences and innovative solutions on community-level water management, enhance their competencies and leadership skills, and expose them to U.S institutions and the policy community working on water management and gender issues. This will be accomplished through in-person and virtual exchanges in the Central and South Asian region and Washington DC, video and web content production, and curriculum development.

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WWCASA Final Policy Report
WWCASA Final Report

Документальный: Женщины и Вода (WWCASA)

Women and Water in Central Asia and South Asia Documentary