“News from Central Asia” Exhibit in Washington DC

Brought by GW’s Central Asia Program

May 16-22 | 2022

Elliott School of International Affairs
1957 E St NW, 2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20052

Curator: Aida Sulova

Altynai Osmoeva, Kyrgyzstan
Jakshylyk Chentemirov, Kyrgyzstan
Dilyara Kayipova, Uzbekistan
Timur Karpov, Uzbekistan
Diana Rahmanova, Tajikistan
Saule Dyussenbina, Kazakhstan
Jol Jol, Kazakhstan
Shailoo Djekshenbaev, Kyrgyzstan
Guzel Zakir, Judy Ai, Kazakhstan
Galina & Evgeny Boikov, Kyrgyzstan
Chinara Niyazova, Kyrgyzstan
Jennet, Turkmenistan
Zalkar Askaraliev, Kyrgyzstan

Creative Workshops

May 17-21 | 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Curatorial Walkthrough

Open to public and groups of students. Email infocap@gwu.edu for reservations.

Movie Screening | May 21-22

Rhythms Of Lost Time

DIRECTOR: Anisa Sabiri, Tajikistan

A journey through the most remote parts of Tajikistan -a young and little-known country which cradles the last embers of an ancient culture.

The film features British musician Leo Abrahams who has travelled to Tajikistan in search of maddoh – a form of transcendental funeral music which he has been interested in for many years but never witnessed.

The Crying Tanbur

DIRECTOR: Anisa Sabiri, Tajikistan

A true story, based on the tragedy of the family of the died military journalist in Post-Soviet Tajikistan in 1993. This film is a debut film of young Tajik art activist, a novice filmmaker Anisa Sabiri. Native to rural Tajikistan, she hopes to use her art to shine a light on the history and horrors of the civil war and conflicts that have affected so many in her homeland, but are often forgotten by the rest of the world.


DIRECTOR: Michael Borodin, Uzbekistan

Yelena is an activist fighting for the rights of cotton harvesters. Muhabata is a farmer who is struggling with the hardships of rural life. This is the story of two strong women in a society where forced labour is considered the norm.


DIRECTOR: Chyngyz Sulumbekov, Kyrgyzstan

How do you find love as an elderly Kyrgyz man? Through the internet! A humorous short film about expectations, dissappointments and true love.

Sea Tomorrow

DIRECTOR: Katerina Suvorova, Kazakhstan

Set on the arid seabed of the former Aral Sea, the documentary film “Sea Tomorrow” takes us on a journey into the world after the apocalypse. 

May 22 | 11:00AM to 5:00PM

Join us on Sunday to enjoy Central Asian art, culture, and food at our Silk Road Festival and discover local vendors, artists, cooks, and performers.


Elliott School of International Affairs
1957 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052

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