Uzbekistan’s Economic Reforms: A Report Card with Bekhzod Khoshimov

15 April, 2019 @ 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Voesar Conference Room, Suite 412
1957 E st NW
DC 20052

In this presentation, Bekhzod Khoshimov gives an assessment of the economic reforms in Uzbekistan. He reviews reforms in the areas of property rights, international trade, fiscal policy, monetary policy, agricultural policy, the propiska system, education, land reform, and privatization in Uzbekistan over the past two years. He also summarizes the general business climate, describing which reforms have already taken place, and will highlight the major impediments for the future of economic reforms.

Bekhzod Khoshimov is a PhD student at the Wisconsin School of Business. His research interests include entrepreneurship, human capital, and the economics of innovation. He is an independent columnist for and author of the popular economics blog and telegram channel Iqtisodchi Kundaligi.


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