Extractive Politics, Trust Deficit & Uncertainty in Afghanistan and Central Asia

2 November, 2012 @ 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM
Conference Room 505
1957 E Street
5th Floor

with Nazif Shahrani, Professor, Indiana University-Bloomington

In the framework of the SSRC Eurasian Program’s Workshop “Crossing Boundaries: Merging Eurasian Insights with the Study of Afghanistan” the Central Asia Program is proud to host Nazif Sharhani, Professor of Central Eurasian Studies and Anthropology at Indiana University-Bloomington.
In his presentation Professor Sharhani will discuss the following key questions: What are the most persistent challenges facing Afghanistan and Central Asian republics to over come economic stagnation, increasing poverty, inequality, oppression, radicalism, and terrorism, dependency on outside powers and looming instability and uncertainty in the region? How will the US & NATO withdrawal of combat forces from Afghanistan in 2014 affect political stability in the region? What are the prospects for averting further uncertainty and instability within the region any time soon?

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