Confronting Atrocities in China: The Global Response to the Uyghur Crisis

6 June, 2019 @ 2:00 PM – 7 June, 2019 @ 10:00 PM
State Room George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs
1957 E Street
NW, Washington
Confronting Atrocities in China: The Global Response to the Uyghur Crisis
State Room
George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs
June 6-7 2019
OPENING CEREMONY : U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Room HVC-201 (June 6, 10:00-12:30)
CONFERENCE: George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs (June 6, 14:00-June 7, 18:00)
The conference comes at a critical time as Uyghurs are face an unprecedented attack on their identity through an extensive network of political indoctrination camps where up to two million have been arbitrarily detained since April 2017.
Despite greater attention to the issue in 2018 as a result of consistent activism, the camps continue to operate and China’s repression continues to escalate. In recognition of the seriousness and urgency of this issue, the WUC, UHRP, UAA and the Central Asia Program have organized this conference, inviting activists and experts from around the world to discuss the crisis.
The primary aim of the conference will be to bring together political leaders, international agencies, human rights activists, academic experts, Uyghur leaders and the Uyghurcommunity abroad to provide updates on the responses underway and to collectively develop additional strategies to pressure the Chinese government to close the camps and respect Uyghurs’ and other Turkic Muslims’ fundamental rights.
The event will include speakers from various disciplines to discuss and address key questions on how best to galvanize further support for Uyghurs’ rights, to mount a coordinated campaign to pressure China to close the camps, ensure accountability for those responsible for ongoing abuses, and adopt measures to safeguard the fundamental rights of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in China and abroad. Discussion will focus on witness testimony, a review of evidence, legal and academic approaches, media responses, government responses, and the status of international human rights advocacy.
The conference will mark the first instance in which activists, political leaders, academics, lawyers and experts from a wide range of disciplines will be brought together to share expertise and collectively work towards solutions to push China to close the camps. The conference will look to formulate a holistic, multi-disciplinary and global response to thecrisis.
The conference also intends to explore the repression of Uyghurs and the crisis in East Turkistan more broadly and conference outcomes are expected to include coordinated international advocacy and humanitarian-relief strategies for Uyghur refugees, children, and others affected by the crisis.
The World Uyghur Congress is convening this event in collaboration with our diverse partners at a critical time for the Uyghur community


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