Central Asia Fellows Seminar. Social, Cultural and Spatial Inequalities in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

12 January, 2017 @ 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Linder Commons, Suite 602
4:30pm. Opening
Marlene Laruelle (Director, Central Asia Program)

4:45pm. Presentations
Savia Hasanova (Kyrgyzstan)
Income Inequality in Kyrgyzstan: The Redistributive Effect of Social Benefits
Berikbol Dukeyev (Kazakhstan)
Ethnic Return Migration in Kazakhstan: Shifting Dynamics and Changing Perceptions
Serik Jaxylykov (Kazakhstan)
Migration Policy and Patterns in Kazakhstan: When the Southern People Meet the Northern Region
5:30pm. Discussion

6:00pm. Q&A
6:30pm. Reception

Savia Hasanova is an economic expert at the Public Association “The Investment Round Table” in Kyrgyzstan. She is also a project manager at the Public Association “Women’s Forum Kurak.” She has worked on different research projects related to human development, particularly of vulnerable groups. Her recent experience involves drafting the UNDP report on human development and trade in Kyrgyzstan, including issues of sustainable economic development. She holds an MS degree in economics and management science from Humboldt University in Berlin. During her fellowship, Savia will study the effects of different types of social benefits on income inequality in Kyrgyzstan. The research will draw attention to rising income inequality in the country, as well as assess the effectiveness of current social policy with respect to monetary inequality reduction.

Berikbol Dukeyev is a Research Fellow at the Foreign Policy and International Security Department at the Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies (KISI) under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He obtained an M.A. in Security and Politics at OSCE Academy in Bishkek and a B.A. with honors in Political Science at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Previously Berikbol worked at the Kazakhstan Center for Humanitarian and Political Trends in Almaty. He was a research fellow at the Soros Foundation Kazakhstan Public Policy Initiative in 2014.  His research areas are security issues in Central Asia, postcolonial theory application in Central Asia and Kazakhstan nation building. During his fellowship, Berikbol will explore the push and pull factors of the repatriation of ethnic Kazakhs from China, particularly issues of socio-economic integration and changing public perception towards the repatriation program.


Serik Jaxylykov is a sociologist and works at a private research company in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He earned his M.A. in Sociology from the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Most of his professional background lies in sociology in different areas including socio-economic, socio-political studies (for the World Bank, UNDP, Oxford Policy Management, and the European Training Foundation) and marketing research for private companies. He was a fellow at the Soros Foundation Kazakhstan Public Policy Initiative in 2015-16. During his fellowship, Serik will research Kazakhstan’s internal migration issues, and examine government’s policy aimed at smoothing out the difference between the overpopulated South and the shrinking population in the North.

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