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Bibliography: Religion in Central Asia (Tsarist Period to 2016)

CAP Papers 169, July 2016

By Aurelie Biard

Aurelie Biard is a Spring 2016 IERES Visiting Scholar and a researcher at the Centre for International Studies and Research (CERI) in Paris and an associated researcher at the Centre for Turkish, Ottoman, Balkan, and Central Asian Studies (CETOBaC, CNRS). She holds a Ph.D in Political Science fromSciences-Po Paris. Her main publications include “The Religious Factor in the Reifications of ‘Neo-ethnic’ Identities in Kyrgyzstan,” in Nationalities Papers and “Power, ‘Original Islam’, and theReactivation of a Religious Utopia in Kara-Suu, Kyrgyzstan”, in Central Asian Affairs.

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