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Causes and Consequences of the Dysfunctionalities of the Housing Market in Dushanbe

Central Asia Fellowship Papers No. 13, January 2016

By Xeniya Mironova

Xeniya Mironova holds an MA in European Studies from the Yerevan State University and an MA in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication from the Russian–Tajik (Slavic) University. She worked as a Program Associate at the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia – Tajikistan. She supported the program “Equal before the Law: Access to Justice in Central Asia”, which was designed to increase access to justice for vulnerable populations in Central Asia. After being a scholar and intern with the Initiatives of Change, Xeniya worked as a Project Consultant for the British communication agency “United World” and helped to prepare a country report on Tajikistan that was published by USA Today in March, 2015. She then worked as a Project Coordinator at the UN OHCHR where she managed and coordinated the UK Conflict Pool project “Building Capacities for Human Rights Monitoring, Protection and Advocacy in Tajikistan”. She then worked with the FAO UN.

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