Support women and ensure safe water for all


What if you had to chose between owning a cell phone or a toilet?

-More people have a cell phone than a toilet.

What if your morning coffee started with a three-hour walk to get water?

-Women and children spend 140 million hours every day gathering water (you could build 20 empire state buildings in that time).

If any of these facts bother you, sponsor a woman working in water management to acquire knowledge, build her network and to improve the way this precious resource is managed.

The Women and Water in Central and South Asia Project needs to raise $20,000 to fund 20 women and their innovative solutions for community-level water management.

We are committed to supporting women who have never been to the United States, enhancing their competencies and leadership skills and exposing them to U.S institutions and the policy community working on water management and gender issues.

With a contribution of just $1,000, you can sponsor one woman from Afghanistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan or Tajikistan to travel to the United States and hear her story in person.

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