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Commenting on Ukraine: Voices from Central Asia

Voices From Central Asia No. 16, March 2014

The Ukrainian situation, and now issue in Crimea, has shaken the whole post-Soviet space. Despite very different domestic situations, relationships with Russia and interactions with Europe, there is still a certain level of unity in this region that makes the events in Ukraine resonate largely in Eurasia. The South Caucasus still face very lively secessionist situations in the three republics. But even in Central Asia when secessionism is almost no longer on the radar, the Ukrainian-Crimean situation raises a lot of discussion, especially in the social media world. To discuss this repercussion, the Central Asia Program asks four questions to four experts: Shairbek Juraev from Kyrgyzstan, Erlan Karin from Kazakhstan, Abdulfattoh Shafiev from Tajikistan, and Farkhad Tolipov from Uzbekistan. Their point of view is not representative of that of their national authorities, nor of their expert community or public opinion. They speak here as individual voices from Central Asia, and offer a large spectrum of opinions and arguments.

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