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CESS 2015 Annual Conference: Call for panels and papers

CESS 2015 Annual Conference: Call for panels and papers

The Central Asia Program is happy to announce that the 16th Annual Meeting of the Central Eurasian Studies Society will be held at George Washington University in Washington DC, October 15-18th 2015.  The deadline for submission is March 12, 2015. Selections will be announced in early May.

Further details may be on the CESS website Please help CESS advertise by hanging the flyer in your classroom or workspace!

The conference program will include paper presentations, roundtable forums, keynote speeches and vendor exhibitions. This event is the largest annual gathering of scholars working in Central Eurasian Studies; the program will include an estimated 350 panelists, and we expect that the number of people attending the conference will exceed 500. The conference will feature about 60 panels on topics covering all aspects of the politics, history, culture, and society of the Central Eurasian region, extending from the Caucasus, Iran, and the Volga Basin (Russia) to Tibet, western China, Mongolia, and Siberia, including all of Central and Inner Asia.

Several cultural events will be organized around the convention, among other an exhibition of Central Asian Socialist Realism paintings in partnership with the GW Museum/Textile Museum, a cinema club, musical events and a Central Asian food fair.

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