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Tajik Artists Lead Social Change: The Role of Art in Questioning Tajik Traditional Values

By Lola Ulugova

CAP Paper 227 (CAAF Fellows Papers), January 2020

Lola Ulugova (Lolisanam) has been an art manager in Tajikistan since 2000. She has contributed in writing and producing the nation’s first 3-D animation film to promote awareness of environmental issues among children. Also, she has co-produced the documentaries After the Curtain covering the intimate stories of a few Tajik women dancers and Youth for Laws Supremacy performance depicting her protest against torture and violence. She holds MA from the University of Turin, Italy, and BA Degree in Russian Language and Literature.

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Photo: L.Ulugova, “Through Thorns Towards Stars,” performance, 2019. Photo by Tamisha Muminova. 

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