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The Researcher and His/Her Fieldwork in Central Eurasia (photo gallery)

In a world where the visual is becoming an integral part of knowledge, visuals can also express scholarly knowledge.


As such, for the 2019 conference, CESS organized its first-ever photo contest under the title: “The Researcher and His/Her Fieldwork in Central Eurasia“. In the gallery below, scholars and journalists present their photos that reflect on the relationship between the researcher and the object of research and illuminate the different faces of fieldwork.

Photos by:

Abel Polese, Aksana Ismailbekova, Alexandru Badarau, Assel Choibekova, Cara Kerven, Catherine Ploskonka, Christian Kelly Scott, Everett Price, Jennifer Murtazashvili, Katerina Zach-Kozlova, Liliya Karimova, Matthew Brown, Moira O’Shea, Rashid Gabdulhakov, Farit Gabdulhakov, Snejana Atanova,  Verena La Mela, Nyani Quarmyne, Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt and Talant Sultanov


Click on the gallery below to view photos and descriptions:


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