Russia’s Islamic Diplomacy


CAP paper 220, June 2019 (“Islam in Russia, Russia in the Middle East” Initiative)

Table of Contents

Russia and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Conflicting Interactions by Grigory Kosach

Always Looming: The Russian Muslim Factor in Moscow’s Relations with Gulf Arab States by Mark N. Katz

Russia and the Islamic Worlds: The Case of Shia Islam by Clément Therme

A Kadyrovization of Russian Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Autocrats in Track II Diplomacy and Other Humanitarian Activities by Jean-Francois Ratelle

Tatarstan’s Paradiplomacy with the Islamic World by Guzel Yusupova

Russian Islamic Religious Authorities and Their Activities at the Regional, National, and International Levels by Denis Sokolov

The Economics of the Hajj: The Case of Tatarstan by Azat Akhunov The Effect of the Pilgrimage to Mecca on the Socio-Political Views of Muslims in Russia’s North Caucasus by Mikhail Alexseev


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