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Spring 2019 CAP Fellows Final Seminar Series (video)

Education challenges and opportunities in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Education constitutes one of the most pressing social issues for Central Asian societies. In Kazakhstan, regional developmental inequalities deeply impact educational capabilities for students. However, those who have studied in the West are now able to play a key role in active civic engagement. In Uzbekistan, Mirziyoyev’s reforms have opened opportunities for the development of foreign-university branch-campuses, as well as for private schools; yet with limitations and challenges. Join us for a discussion on how more inclusive education should and will reform the future of Central Asia.

With Aigerim Kopeyeva, Sergey Marinin, Dilnoza Ubaydullaeva, and Firdavs Navruzov

The Multifaceted Revival of Islam: from Ziyarah Tourism to Gender Challenges

Recent developments in Uzbekistan bring new light to the role that Islam and gender play in the country. Islam, and how it is practiced, permeate a variety of economic sectors such as pilgrimage tourism and female entrepreneurship, showing potential for economic growth. At the same time, debates on women’s veiling and the status of women are shaped deeply by societal trends toward re-traditionalization. Join us for a discussion on how these issues are closely tied in contemporary Uzbekistan.

with Donohon Abdugafurova, Nozimakhon Davletova, Fotima Israilova, and Surayyo Usmanova

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