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Revival in the Post-Soviet Era: Linking Contemporary Azerbaijani and Central Asian Art to Its Ancient Roots

Join the fascinating conversation with art historian Dr. Aliya de Tiesenhausen, artist Asmar Narimanbekova and gallerist Afsana Tahirova moderated by curator and writer Rose Issa, as they present the journey of contemporary Azerbaijani and Central Asian art from its historic roots to current times. They will expand on the region’s cultural identity under the Soviet regime, its re-emergence and development in the Post-Soviet era and its manifestation in today’s Azerbaijani and Central Asian art. The talk coincides with Caspia Contemporary Gallery’s exhibition Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan | Journey of the Soul, on view at Asia House, London UK on 23 May from 18.30 to 20.30.

The talk is organised jointly by Asia House and Caspia Contemporary Gallery.

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