Central Asia Fellows Papers

Urban Tourism and a Culture Clash: Understanding Anti-Arab Tourist Sentiment in Baku

By Sahib Jafarov

CAP Paper 216 (CAAF Fellows Papers), January 2019

Sahib Jafarov is a policy researcher focusing on Islam, ethnic and religious conflicts, social movements, bifurcated ethnicities, and urbanization in Azerbaijan. Sahib has been a leading research fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) in Baku since 2011, managing projects on marginalized groups. He is also the lead researcher and author of policy reports on religious radicalism in Azerbaijan, divided ethnicities, and other compelling topics. He holds an MA in Public Policy from King’s College, London (2015); an MA in National Security from Baku State University, Azerbaijan (2010); and a BA in Political Science from the Academy of Public Administration, Azerbaijan (2003).


Photo:  Street of the Old City, Baku, Azerbaijan. “Icheri Sheher” architectural and town-planning complex, Wikimedia

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