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Russian Policy in Syria and the Middle East: Determination, Delight, and Disappointment (video)

Panel 1. Russia’s Engagement Strategies in the Middle East

Nikolas Gvosdev (Naval War College/Foreign Policy Research Institute; Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs) Russian Strategic Goals in the Middle East

Ekaterina Stepanova (National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow) Russia’s Policy on the Middle East Conflicts: Regionalization and what it Means for the West

Mark Katz (George Mason University) Not Getting Any Easier:  Putin’s Middle East Balancing Act

Anna Borshchevskaya (Washington Institute for Near East Policy) Putin’s Russia in the Middle East: is there an Endgame?

Panel 2. Russia’s Military Involvement in Syria and its Impact

Michael Kofman (CNA Analysis and Solutions) Russian Military Operations in Syria and their Implications for Russian Armed Forces

Gregory Simons (Uppsala University) Russia in the Middle East: Emergence of a new Geopolitical Shatter Belt?

Antonio Giustozzi (King’s College London) Putin’s Masterpiece: Russia’s Military and Diplomatic Role in Syria through Syrian and Iranian Eyes

Maria Omelicheva (National Defense University) Russia in Syria: Reshaping the Global Order or Fighting Terrorism?

Igor Delanoe (French-Russian analytical center Observo, French-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Moscow) How does Moscow Intend to Support Syria’s Reconstruction?

This workshop is part of the “Islam in Russia, Russia in the Islamic World,”generously funded by the Henry Luce Foundation

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