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Symposium on China’s Mass Incarceration of Uyghurs (video)

On 27 November, 2018, GW’s Central Asia Program hosted a Symposium on China’s Mass Incarceration of Uyghurs, which included the following panels and speakers:

Panel 1: “Contextualizing the Re-education Camps”

James A. Millward, Georgetown University

Sandrine Catris, Augusta University

Sean R. Roberts, The George Washington University

Michael Clarke, Australian National University

Panel 2: “Documenting the ‘Re-education camps’ “

Sophie Richardson, Human Rights Watch

Timothy Grose, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Seiji Nishihara, Kagoshima University

Panel 3: “Impact of the Camps on Uyghur Communities

Joanne Smith Finley, Newcastle University

Darren Byler, University of Washington

Elise Anderson, Indiana University

Dilnur Reyhan, French National Institute for Oriental Studies (INALCO)

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