Call for Papers: Establishing Legitimacy and Authority in Central Eurasia Throughout the Ages

Call for Papers

 Association of Central Eurasian Students Conference

 Establishing Legitimacy and Authority in Central Eurasia Throughout the Ages

 Date: February 23, 2019

 Submission Deadline: November 16th

We are now accepting submissions for approximately 20 minute paper presentations (with 10 minute post-presentation questions and discussion) on topics related to Central Eurasia. There are no regional or temporal restrictions on topics and papers from all disciplinary backgrounds are welcome. Submissions can include but are not limited to topics on the Afghan, Balto-Finnic, Hungarian, Mongolic, Persian, Tibetan, Tungusic, and Turkic peoples, languages, cultures, and states.

The primary goal of the conference will be to bring together a wide range of scholars who share an interest in Central Eurasia. All topics related to the region are welcome, although a particular focus will be authority and legitimacy in Central Eurasia. We strongly encourage submission of papers related to a discussion of how individuals, groups, and states have sought to promote their authority, legitimacy and control throughout the region or in specific contexts.

We are pleased to present Mark C. Elliot as our keynote speaker.

Mark C. Elliot is the Mark Schwartz Professor in Chinese and Inner Asian History in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, a professor in the Department of History and the Vice Provost for International Affairs at Harvard University.

Submission Instructions

Submission of pre-organized panels is permitted. Individual papers are also welcome and will be assigned by the Conference Committee to a suitable panel. An honorable distinction of best paper will be awarded. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Please include the following information on all submissions:

1)      Names of all authors (note name of the person presenting the paper);

2)      Institutional affiliation and title/position;

3)      Contact information, including e-mail address, postal address, and telephone numbers;

4)      Curriculum Vitae (1 page);

5)      Paper title;

6)      An abstract of no more than 500 words, to be included in the Conference Program;

7)      Geographic location and thematic panel preference. Thematic panel preferences include, but are not limited to: socio-economic issues, nationalism and identity, natural resources management, music and culture, politics, history, education, and archaeology; and

8)      Any audio-visual equipment needs (overhead, slide projector, PowerPoint, etc.)

Due to space constraints, abstracts exceeding 500 words cannot be accepted.

ACES regrets that it cannot provide any funding to participants.

Submission deadline: November 16th

Applicants will be notified of acceptance by the beginning of December

Each abstract will be anonymously reviewed by a committee of the same field or area and will be evaluated on a basis of interest, relevance, and originality, as well as reviewing the methodology and overall clarity and organization of the argument and ideas.

Submit this information:

Via e-mail as an pdf attachment to: [email protected]

The Association of Central Eurasian Students

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Establishing Legitimacy and Authority in Central Eurasia Throughout the Ages


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