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Assessing the Impact of NGO Peacebuilding Programs in the South Caucasus: The Case of Nagorno-Karabakh

By Jeyhun Veliyev

CAP Paper 204 (CAAF Fellows Papers), March 2018

Jeyhun Veliyev is a junior researcher interested in political economy, energy security, conflict, human rights, and democracy-building in post-Soviet countries. He is currently engaged in a multi-media project on “Desovietization in the Caucasus” with experts from Armenia and Georgia. Jeyhun holds a BA in International Affairs from Qafqaz University in Baku, including a year-long exchange with James Madison University in Virginia, and completed a Master’s in Global Political Economy at the University of Kassel in Germany. His thesis analyzes Russian-U.S. competition
in Central Asia and the Caucasus by elaborating the relevance of Heartland theory and neo-Eurasianist geopolitical thinking.

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