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The Central Asian Political Exiles Newsletter Winter 2017/2018

Welcome to the first issue of the Central Asian Political Exiles (CAPE) Newsletter!

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Over the past decade, Central Asian states have grown emboldened and have gained influence within the global arena, transcending borders from one part of the world to the other. Globalisation processes have facilitated the increased reach of autocrats. As Central Asian state power is becoming increasingly entwined with the structures of liberal societies, so does the configuration of their domestic politics that spans beyond traditional territorial borders.

The CAPE project tracks these processes, increases our knowledge base, and offers support to lawyers, activists and organizations supporting transnational justice.

For information about upcoming events and new blog posts, please continue to visit our EXCAS website and please include 31st May 2018 in your calendar as the date of our CAPE database release. We look forward to seeing you at many of our future events and wishing a great year ahead!

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