Call for Papers: “Il/legal” and Informal Practices in the Eurasian Region

Royal Holloway University of London

University of Roehampton

British Society of Criminology: Early Career Researchers Network

Call for Papers

The Sixth Annual Doctoral Research Workshop on Central Asia

“Il/legal” and informal practices in the Eurasian region

Senate House, Russell Square, Street, London, WC1E 7HU

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Convened by Dr. Gulzat Botoeva and Dr. Gül Berna Özcan

Widespread illegal and informal practices in the Eurasian region have been studied from different disciplinary angles. Illegal migrant settlers, illegal hashish harvesting, informal payments in medical and educational organizations, and similar phenomena have been the focus of sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists. While there is a growing interest in such studies, there is not much dialogue among scholars that focus on diverse issues of illegality and informality within the region. Such a discussion can enhance the theoretical understanding of concepts such as legal and illegal, licit and illicit, formal and informal. There is also a need to develop a critical approach to illegality and discuss how some practices emerge due to their criminalisation by certain actors such as states, international organizations and other macro-institutions.

All paper proposals should ideally be part of PhD research or a postdoctoral study addressing a country or a region in Eurasia. It is planned to publish the selection of papers from this workshop as a special issue in a journal that focuses on illegality.

Workshop Paper Themes: 

  • Prevailing illegal and informal practices in the Eurasian region
  • Social acceptance of illegal practices
  • The role of states in ‘illegality’
  • Blurred boundaries between legal and illegal, licit and illicit, formal and informal
  • Criminalisation of some segments of society (migrants, muslims, drug users, etc.)
  • Research methodologies and fieldwork experience; conducting ethnographic fieldwork and survey research.

Submission details: 

  • Author’s name, institutional affiliation and e-mail
  • A max. 500-word paper summary
  • Bio: 100 words max.


Deadline for Submission: 27 October 2017


All submissions should be sent to:

Ms. Khalida Azhigulova, University of Leicester ([email protected])

Organising Committee:

Ms. Khalida Azhigulova ([email protected])

Dr. Gulzat Botoeva ([email protected])

Dr. Gul Berna Özcan ([email protected])

Ms. Rauza Vercoe  ([email protected])



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