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Director Vacancy: Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) at UW-Madison

The UW-Madison is currently seeking an administrative program manager, who will serve as the general director of the intensive, summer language institutes (WISLI-Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes;, a program of the Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS) at UW-Madison. WISLI consists of four to five longstanding summer language institutes on the UW-Madison campus, offering intensive language training in more than 30 less commonly taught languages every summer. Each summer language institute has its own stakeholders and administrative structure. The WISLI director will help set the strategic direction of WISLI; ensure that all constituent institutes conform with WISLI standards; create administrative and curricular synergies across the constituent institutes; ensure that efficient publicity, student recruitment, and faculty recruitment systems are in place; help design and implement online or other distance-based instructional elements; and, when needed, take an active role in the management of one or more constituent institutes. The successful candidate for this new position will be an effective academic administrator with excellent communication and problem- solving skills. The successful candidate will have experience in second language acquisition so as to be able to communicate effectively as a peer with faculty members and others whose role in WISLI is language instruction and curriculum development.

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