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The Annual Memos group all CAP online publications in an easily downloadable booklet to keep you up to date on current research on the region.

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Annual Uyghur Studies Conferences

The Uyghur Studies conference booklets group the abstracts of all presentations at the conferences, in both English and Russian.

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Интервью с воинами-интернационалистами Афганской войны 1979-1989 годов

This book offers unique insight into the memory of the Central Asian afgantsy, who fought in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion of 1979-1989. This work of oral history, organized by a team of Kazakh, Tajik, and Uzbek scholars under the supervision of Prof. Laruelle, contributes to a better understanding of the deep influence of the Soviet-Afghan war on the Soviet Central Asian social fabric, and the memories still at play today.