Central Asia Fellows Papers

Participants in the Central Asia-Azerbaijan Fellowship Program spend five months in residence at GW, where they participate in tailor-made programs and are introduced to U.S. policy and expert communities in both Washington, DC and New York.  Fellows attend seminars, workshops and training sessions, write one policy brief on a predetermined theme, and present their research at two public seminars.

Rethinking Urban Activism and Civil Society: Insights from Analysis of Bishkek Civic Networks

By Raushanna Sarkeyeva CAP Paper 208 (CAAF Fellows Papers), June 2018 Raushanna Sarkeyeva is a founder and director of Urban Initiatives Public Foundation (Kyrgyzstan). She studied Change Management at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Since 2013, she has been involved in urban development processes, organizing the first open discussion platforms on urban issues surrounding […]

Can an Authoritarian Regime Have a Meritocratic Public Administration? The Case of Azerbaijan

By Elchin Karimov CAP Paper 207 (CAAF Fellows Papers), June 2018 Elchin Karimov is a researcher in the area of nationalism, ethno-political conflicts, and democracy in post-communist space. He obtained his Master’s in “International Relations: Europe from Visegrad Perspective,” a joint degree granted by four universities in Central Europe, in early 2016. He did his […]

Understanding the Rising NEET Phenomenon in Southern Kazakhstan

By Dinara Alimkhanova CAP Paper 206 (CAAF Fellows Papers), June 2018 Dinara Alimkhanova is a young researcher in the field of education, specializing in vocational education and training. After graduating from the Graduate School of Education at Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan), she worked at a think tank under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic […]

Who Is “Tashkent City” For? Nation-Branding and Public Dialogue in Uzbekistan

By Dilmira Matyakubova CAP Paper 205 (CAAF Fellows Papers), June 2018 Dilmira Matyakubova is a young professional specializing in Higher Education, Public Policy, and Political Economy. Dilmira is an Associate Lecturer at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT). She worked as a Senior Academic Policy Officer at WIUT from 2015 to 2017, providing expertise in the […]

Assessing the Impact of NGO Peacebuilding Programs in the South Caucasus: The Case of Nagorno-Karabakh

By Jeyhun Veliyev CAP Paper 204 (CAAF Fellows Papers), March 2018 Jeyhun Veliyev is a junior researcher interested in political economy, energy security, conflict, human rights, and democracy-building in post-Soviet countries. He is currently engaged in a multi-media project on “Desovietization in the Caucasus” with experts from Armenia and Georgia. Jeyhun holds a BA in […]

Engaging Youth to Sustain (Inter-Communal) Peace at the Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan Border

By Jafar Usmanov CAP Fellows Paper 203 (CAAF Fellows Papers), February 2018 Jafar Usmanov is a researcher on youth development issues in Tajikistan. He has studied global governance and international relations in Germany, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. He holds an MA from Jacobs University (2008), an MA degree from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek (2005), and a […]

Grassroots Peacebuilding: Cross-Border Cooperation in the Ferghana Valley

By Diana Mamatova CAP Fellows Paper 202 (CAAF Fellows Papers), January 2018 Diana Mamatova is a young professional in the areas of peacebuilding, development and program management, and policy research. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Science with a focus on Central Asian politics from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) and […]

Countering Extremism vs. Freedom of Online Expression: The Case of Kazakhstan

By Anna Gussarova CAP Fellows Paper 201 (CAAF Fellows Papers), January 2018 Anna Gussarova is director and co-founder of the Central Asia Institute for Strategic Studies (www.caiss.expert). She previously served as a senior research fellow at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, covering transnational and cyber security, […]

Overcoming a Taboo: Normalizing Sexuality Education in Kazakhstan

By Karlygash Kabatova CAP Fellows Paper 200 (CAAF Fellows Papers), January 2018 Karlygash Kabatova is a researcher currently interested in how society development and sexuality education interrelate. Together with a colleague, she is completing a study on the emergence of sexuality education in the Kazakhstani educational system. Karlygash is a member of the Astana-based PaperLab […]