Central Asia Program Series Iran Regional Forum Publications

A View from Russia: Moscow and Tehran’s Complex Relationship

Iran Regional Forum No. 4, June 2013

By Dmitre Shlapentokh

With the implementation of “sequestration,” budget cuts which are felt most keenly by the military, it has become increasingly likely that the era of America’s unipolarity is ending. There is no reason to believe that U.S. military funding will be increased dramatically in the future, barring, of course, unforeseeable circumstances. The “decline of the West,” if one uses the title of the well-known Oswald Spengler book, is not limited to the United States. The U.S.’s major European allies have also cut military spending, and they have no intention of increasing it again. It is obvious that neither the U.S. nor the majority of EU countries have the necessary resources for military buildup.

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