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Job Opportunity: Specialized Researchers in Kyrgyzstan

Navanti seeks the following: Specialized Researchers in Kyrgyzstan
Job Description: Navanti seeks a specialized researcher in Kyrgyzstan to work with our multidisciplinary team, who can use his/her knowledge of politics, government, and social issues within the region to provide real time information, and local narratives.

Desirable candidates will have a keen interest to gather data pertinent to the political and economic factors and security challenges affecting Kyrgyzstan. The Specialized Researcher will provide real time information and accurate insight in his or
her area of focus through in-person and social media surveys. These surveys may address factors affecting security, governance, communications, and development, to include humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Desired locations: Nationwide (desired across all seven oblasts)

• Access to smart phone with functioning GPS
• Competent with smart phones
• Must post a CV
Desired Skills:
• Strong communication/interpersonal skills
• Strong computer skills
• University education (not less than two years)
• Competent with public opinion polling/survey
• Competent with social media
• Competent with photography
• Clean work history and background
• English Professional Proficiency (desired but not required)

Application deadline: 25 November 2017

To apply, please send your CV in English to: [email protected]

About company: Navanti is an applied analytics company, making complex environments accessible through actionable data. We blend local perspectives with expert analysis, delivering real-time insight on dynamic economic, political, and security trends shaping our world. We are linguists, analysts, researchers, and strategists dedicated to delivering real time insight into the economic, political, and security trends shaping our world. We help clients operate in countries across Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East through data analytics, crowdsourcing, and custom applied solutions. Moving beyond short-term approaches, we focus on sustainable solutions. We combine our analytical prowess and technological savvy to pull together new and innovative solutions to solve complex global problems.

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