Call for Papers for The Fifth Annual Doctoral Research Workshop on Central Asia

Royal Holloway University of London

Central Asia’s Evolving Relations with China: Economy, Society and Politics

Senate House, Russell Square, Street, London, WC1E 7HU
Saturday, 28 January 2017

Convened by Dr. Gül Berna Özcan and Dr. Gulzat Botoeva

Organising Committee:
Dr. Gai Joraev ([email protected])
Dr. Aijan Sharshenova ([email protected])
Dr. Alma Sharipova ([email protected])

Central Asia’s evolving relations with its economically powerful and increasingly politically assertive neighbour, China, carries enormous importance for the region’s development prospects. There are numerous opportunities ahead as this relationship opens new avenues of possibilities and prospects for different actors. Historic dependence on Russia and the new expectations from the west are balanced against China’s arrival. From exploitation of energy resources to trade and the development aid, Central Asian states are drifting towards the shadow of China at different speeds. There are, however, multiple domestic political and economic risks associated with being involved in a highly asymmetric relationship with a powerful neighbour at a time when there is limited regional cohesion or domestic political accountability. The purpose of this one-day event is to shed light on the multiple dimensions of this transformation through empirically and theoretically rich scholarly studies from diverse disciplines.

All paper proposals should ideally be part of PhD research or a postdoctoral study addressing a country or a region in Central Asia. Cross-country analyses from the region will also be applicable.

Workshop Paper Themes:

  • Economic and financial issues, trade relations and investment
  • Development of infrastructure and aid from China
  • Migration and labour markets
  • Social and cultural aspects of China’s influence in Central Asia
  • Political elites and party politics • Geo-politics and international relations

Submission details:

  • A 500 word paper summary
  • Bio: 100 words
  • Author’s name, institutional affiliation and e-mail

Deadline for Submission: 21 November 2016

All submissions should be sent to: Dr. Alma Sharipova: [email protected]

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