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  • Somoni Devaluation: An assessment of measures taken by the National Bank of Tajikistan

    Eco papers 15

    Central Asia Economic Papers No. 15, July 2015 By Nozim Ishankulov The sharp decline in world oil prices from about $100 dollars in September 2014 to $50 in January 20151 has seen the status of the Russian economy worsen. This factor has significantly affected the stability of the ruble, as well as the execution of the revenue part of the [...]

  • Central Asian Affairs Volume 2, Issue 3 Now Available

    Central Asian Affairs flyer.psd

    Issue No. 3 of the 2015 Volume of CAA is now released.

  • New Ebook from CAP


    New CAP ebook “Interviews with Central Asian Afgantsy – participants in the Soviet-Afghan war, 1979-1989″

  • Turkmenistan: Domestic Evolution, Economic Development, and Regional Environment

    Brief 28

    Central Asia Policy Brief No. 28, June 2015 On May 18, 2015 the Central Asia Program hosted a conference on the current environment in Turkmenistan entitled “Turkmenistan: Domestic Evolution, Economic Development, and Regional Environment.” The following is a summary of the event and presentations given by the panelists. Turkmenistan is the most closed off country in Central Asia [...]

  • Turkmenistan’s Export Crisis: Is TAPI the Answer?

    Brief 27

    Central Asia Policy Brief No. 27, June 2015 By Luca Anceschi Is Turkmenistan slowly entering an unprecedented export crisis? Recently, the regime’s key diversification failure—namely that affecting the country’s production structure, which remained unchanged throughout the post-Soviet years—has been compounded by an unexpected yet not unpredictable reduction of Turkmenistan’s export options. Exporting gas—Turkmenistan’s main source of revenue—might soon become [...]

  • The 2015 Tajik elections online: few posts, fewer likes, even fewer shares

    For Abdu paper

    Central Asia Policy Brief No. 25, May 2015 By Abdulfattoh Shafiev The March 2015 parliamentary elections in Tajikistan started a new political era in the country, with no space left for even symbolic opposition. The main opposition party, the Islamic Revival Party, had been accustomed to getting two seats in the Parliament since the peace agreement of 1997. In 2015, [...]